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When determining what type of boat lift will work best for your lake bottom, your style of boat and your water depth, you won’t find an easier or smarter choice then a vertical boat lift from ShoreMaster. Our vertical boat lifts even take the guess work out of choosing which side of the dock to place your new lift. ShoreMaster vertical boat lifts feature a simple, yet brilliant Double V-Side (DVS) design so you can access your boat just as easily from the left or from the right. ShoreMaster’s vertical boat lifts can accommodate any style of boat or pontoon hull, so it’s an easy investment to make that will pay you dividends years later when your boat or pontoon looks just as great as the day you bought it. A ShoreMaster vertical boat lift is also the most versatile in terms of the type of lake bottom and water depth that it can be used in. You simply can’t go wrong with a vertical boat lift from ShoreMaster.


Your time is important and simple tasks should take care of themselves. When you make a purchase you want the best and something that will last. Consider the hydraulic boat lift from ShoreMaster to protect your boat or pontoon. With just the push of a button you can get your boat in and out of the water quickly so you can move on to whatever else interests you. ShoreMaster hydraulic boat lifts are ultra-quiet so you won’t disturb the peace and serenity of the perfect morning or quiet evening. A hydraulic boat lift from ShoreMaster represents the best that the industry has to offer in terms of ease of use and operational speed. Hydraulic boat lifts are a known and proven technology so when you want the best boat lift technology, a ShoreMaster hydraulic boat lift is a smart choice. Hydraulic boat lifts can be installed just about anywhere a cantilever or vertical boat lift can be installed and are well suited for firm to slightly soft lake bottoms and moderately shallow to deeper water.


Ruggedness is forged from simplicity, at least in the case of ShoreMaster’s cantilever boat lifts it is. Many of ShoreMaster’s cantilever boat lifts that were manufactured in the 1970’s and 1980’s are still in service today. Considering the amount of abuse, stress, and environmental conditions that these lifts have endured in nearly half a century of dependable use, there’s a reason why our design hasn’t changed much over the years. One stainless steel cable, three brass pulleys and relentless attention to weld quality are what ShoreMaster gives to you in every cantilever boat lift that we produce for you. Our cantilever boat lifts offer unparalleled protection for your boat or pontoon because they are so simple, rugged and effective. ShoreMaster cantilever boat lifts are your simple choice for lake bottoms that are firm to muddy and shallow to moderately deep water depth.