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Thousands of waterfront property owners just like you, have chosen ShoreMaster’s RS4 sectional dock because of its lightweight yet solid, all-aluminum, welded construction and Quick Connect System. ShoreMaster’s Quick Connect (QC) System allows you to add, remove or rearrange your RS4 dock and dock accessories. Imagine easily re-configuring your RS4 dock or dock accessories in preparation for a long holiday weekend of entertaining. Then when the weekend is over, you simply move everything back just the way you like it for everyday dock use. With our Quick Connect System you have the ability to be like our pros. With ShoreMaster’s Infinity RS4 dock, you can do everything yourself which translates into savings in time and money, giving you more time to spend doing the things you love with the people most important to you. 


ShoreMaster’s Infinity RS7 dock owners are confident - confident in the RS7’s structural integrity. From it’s smooth clean lines to its solid, tubular construction, one look and you’ll know that you have one of the best in the industry. With just a few steps on the RS7 you can feel the strength of its design, there’s little to no rocking or bounce as you sometimes feel when you’re on other dock systems. ShoreMaster’s Quick Connect (QC) System works on our RS7 dock system as well, making your choice even easier by allowing you to add or move accessories on your dock without the use of tools. This saves you time and the hassle of trips to the garage in search of tools when all you want to do is quickly reposition your lakeview dock bench for a better view of the evening sunset after watching the kids swim during the day. Confidence in our construction, in our quick connect system, which means confidence in your investment.